How to Fix tabctl.ocx Error

  • Download tabctl.ocx
  • Install tabctl.ocx

Mostly Occurring tabctl.ocx Errors:

  • tabctl.ocx not found
  • Cannot find tabctl.ocx
  • The file tabctl.ocx is missing
  • This program requires tabctl.ocx, which is no longer included
  • Missing or broken reference to the file tabctl.ocx
  • Runtime Error 339: tabctl.ocx not correctly registered
  • tabctl.ocx failed to register. The specific module could not be found

Fixes for tabctl.ocx file Errors:

  1. Reinstall the program that the tabctl.ocx file is associated with: Easiest and most simple fix to try first is to uninstall and then reinstall the program. In most cases, re-installation of the file reinstates the ocx files.
  2. Restart your computer:  At times due to other programs utilizing the same ocx file in background, it might not be available. You could restart your computer and re-run the program. This could solve the tabctl.ocx error.
  3. Run a malware scan of your System: Corrupt ocx files can also cause the program to not run. Ocx files most often get corrupted due to an existing malware or virus on your computer. Try using a reputed malware/virus scanner to remove all the unwanted malicious programs from your PC.
  4. Update Drivers: Go to device manager and update drivers of all the hardware devices.


tabctl.ocx is a file that is used by ActiveX forms in programs associated with developments in the Windows platform. OCX files are mostly used for the interactive tasks within windows like scrolling and resizing of Windows. These files are commonly programmed in C++ and Visual Basic. The OCX files associated with programs are automatically installed and registered by the system registry during the installation of the program.

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